FASFA deadline is almost here

As the FASFA deadline is almost here, Know your deadlines and get them filled out and submitted. Remember, you can always estimate your financial information and send it in corrected later.

Click Here for the website to fill out the FASFA forms to help pay for your child’s education.

Here’s a post I wrote previously with tips on filing your FASFA forms for college.

FASFA Deadline is Fast Approaching

FASFA Deadline is Fast Approaching

The FAFSA deadline is fast approaching. If your kids are planning you MUST Fill out the FASFA forms, no if’s and’s or but’s.

It seems like a daunting task, but if you don’t fill it out, you won’t get anything. If you do fill it out you have a 50/50 shot. If you haven’t started, don’t wait, click here to fill out the application on the FASFA site.

It’s also important to get started early and fill everything out completely and accurately. People make mistakes all the time and those mistakes can cost you money. 11 Common FASFA Mistakes is an article to help you know what you’re looking for.

Check with your school too. Your counselor can guide you if you don’t have a specialist in the school.

Being Bullied Sucks

It’s a horrible feeling to watch your child get bullied. Being bullied sucks. One of my kids was bullied to an incredible extent. It changed his whole life and how he looks at the world. I too have been bullied, but not as a kid, as an adult.

teenage-boy-feeling-intimidated-as-he-walks-homeI couldn’t even imagine being bullied. When I found out he’d been bullied I was beside myself. I’m sure you can imagine. I believe that you are only as happy as your happiest child. I knew something was wrong and I kept asking my son. I talked to the school and they told me he was fine. Three years later it all came to a head and I found out that he was a “targeted” kid. This was from the school counselor that told me there weren’t any issues and that he was getting student of the month. “There’s no way a child is so great in school and not at home” was what I kept saying.

He wound up going to another school for middle school and he did great there. The school was really on top of things. But he still has lack of confidence to some extent. With lots of work on my part and future schools he turned out ok.

Working is something I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve had some great bosses in my life. I’ve also worked for myself and I have to say I’m the best boss … ha ha ha!
corporate-bullyA recent job started out great. Over time things seemed to change. I couldn’t do anything right. I was belittled and disrespected on a regular basis. I talked to him about it and it changed for a little bit. We went to a conference and in talking with my boss there he told me he felt like he couldn’t yell at me because he was afraid if he did I’d quit. I think I’m correct if I tell you that your boss shouldn’t be yelling at you ever.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until my son pointed out that I always said “I love my job, but today my boss did X.” I started noticing more and he was right. A friend called me one night and I started crying and when asked what was wrong I told him that I was having a tough time at work because my boss didn’t like anything I was doing. My friend started telling me that my boss was wrong. He’d known me for a long time and he knew I was very capable never mind good at what I do and extremely loyal. That got me really thinking.

I couldn’t leave because I needed another job first. It wasn’t easy to find one. My confidence was so low I couldn’t interview right. I looked at job descriptions and didn’t think I was capable because I was constantly being told I wasn’t doing things right.

Let me tell you, if you are being talked to disrespectfully and talked down to, that is verbal abuse or bullying. Being bullied sucks, for kids and adults alike.

Raising Responsible Adults

Kids don’t come with a manual to help us in raising responsible adults. Even if they, each child is different in many ways. I have two kids and they have completely different personalities. They know that I love them both the same amount even though I treat them different.  That’s because they are both different and they know we each have our own special relationship.

One thing I have always done is take each child’s personality and look at what they are good at and what they like to do, then encourage them to go with what’s in your heart.

An example of how they are different and how we work things out is what we do when it comes to meals, one hates cooking and the other likes it. The one that hates to cook would rather clean all the pots and pans from dinner. So that’s what we do.

I’ve tried to pinpoint what it is that I did to raise two responsible children. Responsible doesn’t look the same in either of them. One is very driven, does well in school, activities and really spends lots of time bettering himself. My other child isn’t as driven but still responsible and always comes through when he has to do something and does it with a smile (well, most of the time). They know what their responsibilities are around the house and even if I have to remind them they will do it.

A big thing I can attribute to this is teaching them morals and honesty. I want them to be themselves but know I’m always here for them. I give them trust and they continue to earn it. I’m aware that can change at any moment, but will trust them until they prove me otherwise.

I love them and let them know that love looks different in each person. I respect their privacy as long as they don’t take advantage of my respect. At times I’ve needed to talk to them about what’s important in the world. I’ve let them know that no matter what they did I would always love them. I may not like them or what they’ve done at times, but I will always love them.

They have always been first for me. As I’ve laid down house rules and responsibilities, which are subject to change, and stay consistent. When I talk to them about a consequence for their actions I always make sure I can follow through. I’ve supported them when they needed help in school, with friendships and even bullying. Good times and bad times I’ve always been there.

When I am away or working or whatever, I can trust them to be at home by themselves. They know I trust them and don’t want to lose that so they follow the rules and don’t take advantage. One of my kids even asked me if his prescription was ready and when I said yes he went to pick it up himself.

Of course they fought just like other siblings do over the years, but now they have matured and are more thoughtful of each other. They still disagree and debate, but overall they do get along. They respect each other and me. We all respect each other.

The most important thing your kids need to know is that no matter what, you love them and you are there for them, follow through with what you say and teach them good morals.