What to do with Teenage Boys

As our kids grow up it gets harder and harder to find things to do with them. We don’t like the same movies, each of us likes different types of food, games, outdoor activities and the list goes on. Every weekend I think who knows what to do with teenage boys. Nobody has been able to give me an answer yet. We do take turns deciding different things, but there’s yet to find something we all like, or even 2 of us. It’s always a compromise.

As a single mom with 2 teenage boys, I am always looking for things to do with them. Most of the time it’s going out to eat. But that’s not great for the wallet or our waists. One of my kids and I signed up for a game where we have to find locations around the country/world. That was good, but it was pretty inconvenient.

The idea of a scavenger hunt is great, but we have to work on it.

I always look for things to do and on a budget. I do spend time couponing when time permits sometimes saving 25% or more. My thoughts were to get my kids to help. But they weren’t interested.

Looking at some of the different apps and programs out there, I found one that is very easy. I’ve tried a few, but most of them you have to do scan the receipt and the UPC code and then it may work. They were too much work. It’s Shipkick. Here’s the thing, you can walk into some stores and get kicks. Scan items and you get kicks. Log in, get kicks. Look at potential items in the app and get kicks. Collect kicks and trade them in for gift cards.

Shopkick app

Being the smart mom that I am, we’ve made it an adult scavenger hunt. One of my kids is doing it with me and we have fun seeing what we can get when we go to the mall, or the grocery store. It gives us something to do, earn some money in gift cards. Now we can go to the mall and mom has more time to shop and while we work on our “scavenger hunt.

Getting creative can be a win-win for everyone.