My Dog is Sick

My dog is sick and I’m hit with the reality that she is an old dog. I adopted her 4 years ago and she’s now 11. I’ve become so attached to her it’s hard to think of her not being a part of my life.

Lulu, my dog, sitting on the couch

At the vet I find out that there is some concern and I need to do some tests. We aren’t sure what’s wrong. She’s more active than normal but also going to the bathroom more than normal. Tests can become expensive. Those expenses are only the tests, then there’s medication and retests once she’s done with the medication.

One step at a time

We run some tests, just the most important. The tests were $166 making the visit total $250. Now it’s go home and wait.

The next morning, Ring, ring, the test results are in. I get the call to find out that her liver is showing higher than normal numbers. Like they should be about 100 and they are 1500. (don’t ask what the numbers are or mean, all I know is it’s a big difference and doesn’t sound good)

The medications would be $125, but they have a program where I could get one of the prescriptions free. So it was only $95. Next week I go back to get more tests done to see how she’s doing. I’m sure it will be $166 or more, bringing the total to $511.

In December I took both my dogs to the vet and had to do IMG_1274some vaccines. I only did the required because as it turned out the other dog had a tear in his eye. That visit with medication was over $600.

I still have to get more vaccines.

When is enough. At this point I don’t have to worry because it’s minor. I’ve seen people with dogs that had cancer and they continued to treat their animals. Sometimes spending upward or $10,000.
So when do you know enough is enough.
It’s an individual choice, just like people, each person is entitled to their opinion. And each of us will decide what’s right for us.


Until I had dogs of my own I didn’t fully understand the love you can have for a pet. I now have two and love each of them in their own special way. I don’t know what I’d do if it was cancer, or something that needs lots of expensive treatments, but I know I would do more now than I would have thought anyone should. But the unconditional love of these dogs has taken my heart and I am glad I don’t have to make that decision at this point and hope I never do.

A Dog’s Love

IMG_1047There’s nothing like a dog’s love. I never really had pets.  I had gerbils and gold fish as a child, my stepfather had a dog but I only lived with them for a few years. My mother brought home a cat when I was 16. I really didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of it. I remember telling my mother “If you want a cat, you have to take care of it, I don’t want the responsibility so it’s all yours”. Yes, I was 16 and knew I didn’t want the responsibility.

When I met my husband he had a cat. Spock the big tabby cat and my husband were a package deal. Turns out I’m allergic to cats. But it wasn’t too bad at that point. Before we got married we went on a field trip. To my surprise it was to pick up a kitten.  Ugh, then there were two. But it was ok. I didn’t have to take any of the responsibility.

It’s not that I didn’t like pets, I just didn’t want to take care of one. If you are going to take on the responsibility of a pet, you need to be prepared to take care of it. There’s feeding them, taking them outside to take care of their business and vet bills.

When my husband died I would up with the two cats. I knew I couldn’t take care of them. First of all, I was pregnant and am not supposed to change the cat litter. Second, I was grieving and had a toddler to take care of. I kept them anyway. I had a neighbor help with the cats until I could figure out what to do.

Eventually I found a place that would take the cats and place them. It was a no kill shelter. They promised to find them a home. It was a hard day for me. Those cats were my husband’s love. Plus now I had to give away another piece of him. There was no way I was able to take care of them and love them. I knew it was the right thing to do.

My kids always wanted dogs. I had to say no, I couldn’t take care of them. It wasn’t fair to the dogs. As they got older and more responsible I started thinking more about it. My youngest still kept asking on a regular basis. I never gave in. One day I decided it was time. I researched and knew I wanted to get a dog that were small, friendly, easy going personality and most important wouldn’t shed. Ding, ding, ding, a Shih Tzu it is. I went to online and started looking. I found some but since I worked part time they wouldn’t let me adopt them. Next thing I know there are signs around the area about a doggie adoption on Saturday.



When I got there I saw this cute, groomed dog that looked like it might be a shih tzu. When asked I was told she was a Lhasa apso. I continued to look and then, there he was. Sitting nicely in a crate, all dirty but still cute. I saw him and took him out and fell in love at first sight. While they were getting the paperwork ready people were talking to me about the Lhasa apso and that nobody wants her because she’s 9 years old and didn’t get along with other dogs or kids. My kids were older so that shouldn’t be an issue. We put the two dogs together and they got along fine. Chevy and Lulu both came home with me to their new home.



My youngest son was at practice, but I was so excited I couldn’t wait for him to come home. My older son came down and didn’t seem so interested but said hi to them and pet them. When practice was over my younger son came home. I told him to go out back for a minute. He put on a big smile and asked who’s they were. I said ours. He didn’t believe me at first, but after a little convincing he believed me. Believe it or not, my older son didn’t believe it for a couple days. He thought I was kidding and we were dog sitting.

Now I look at these two dogs and can’t believe how lucky I am to have these two precious doggies. They follow me all the time. I have my little fan club. Recently I broke my leg and they followed me everywhere and now that I’m up and walking again, they are still right there.

These dogs are AMAZING, and I can’t believe how much I love them. I could just eat them up.