Don’t Talk Politics

I was with my in-laws today. We all get along well. We laugh and pick on each other. But there’s one subject that is Taboo. You guessed it, politics, don’t talk politics.

I myself can talk both politics and religion. I’m open minded and listen without judgement. I always want others to do the same to me when we talk either of those.

When I left today my Brother-in-law told me to listen to Rush Limbaugh. He wants me to listen to what he has to say and then research it. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but I don’t think that people realize that I have done research but I’m not one to argue or debate. People get to heated.

Here’s my thoughts. I’ve never told him how I feel, who I voted for or what I believe. Well, maybe some small inklings of what’s inside my mind. I’ve listened to both sides and can see how people would believe things in either direction. But most of the time when I have these conversations with people they don’t really want to hear what I think or what I have to say, they just want me to listen to what they have to say. And if I don’t agree the conversation gets heated. That is a huge turn off and makes me want to run in the other direction.

I’m not the only one that feels that way. I’ve had this very conversation with other people and it’s not about the political issues but how some people don’t want to hear anything you have to say, even if they do agree.
And after all the listening I do look into things, I know what I believe and don’t believe. I just don’t talk politics. Especially if I don’t get to have my opinion.

I know things are going on in the world that aren’t pleasant, I know something needs to be done about it. But the bigger question is, what should be done.
Another point, there is so much going on and the government does know. They do have to be careful what they tell the population because people may panic. And, if they do tell us what’s going on and what they are doing to stop things then we’d be tipping off the people that shouldn’t know what we are doing.

My mother just went to Israel and said that people just live their lives because they won’t let fear keep them from living their lives. I live that way to some extent. I won’t purposely through myself in front of the train but I will get on the train. I don’t want anyone to get the best of me.

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Feeling That Holiday Spirit

As I sit and wrap gifts I am really feeling that holiday spirit. In my house, nobody really wants much nor do we need much. So we are decorating and I am looking forward to making cookies, spending time with family and friends.

We’ve already started driving around looking at the lights around the neighborhoods. It’s great the was some people go all out. Other’s decorate more conservative yet beautifully. There are those tacky homes too. But love them all!

Each one is enjoyable in its own right. My older Son got this light that changes colors. He doesn’t want to put lights out front because it would take away from that one. I think he has a point. He’s the one that loves to decorate and make things look good for any holiday.

Knowing that we don’t want or need much is a nice feeling. That means we are in a good place in life. So many have hard times during the holidays. I don’t want to jinx it, but I just want everyone to feel content.

While I’m sitting here, I’m thinking about the fact that I’m pretty much done with my shopping and close to done wrapping. It’s a feeling of being content. On top of that I am sitting here in shorts and a tank top. Love it. The weather is beautiful. It was about 70 today. It’s been that way for about a week.

My mom is coming to visit next week. I hope the weather holds out for her. She would love that. Even if it went down to the 50s I know she’d be happy. I’m looking forward to the holidays this year and I hope you are too. Enjoy what you have and send love into the world and especially for those that need it.

I hope you are feeling that holiday spirit. Think about what you can do to enjoy the holidays! That’s what the holidays should be about.

Raising Responsible Adults

Kids don’t come with a manual to help us in raising responsible adults. Even if they, each child is different in many ways. I have two kids and they have completely different personalities. They know that I love them both the same amount even though I treat them different.  That’s because they are both different and they know we each have our own special relationship.

One thing I have always done is take each child’s personality and look at what they are good at and what they like to do, then encourage them to go with what’s in your heart.

An example of how they are different and how we work things out is what we do when it comes to meals, one hates cooking and the other likes it. The one that hates to cook would rather clean all the pots and pans from dinner. So that’s what we do.

I’ve tried to pinpoint what it is that I did to raise two responsible children. Responsible doesn’t look the same in either of them. One is very driven, does well in school, activities and really spends lots of time bettering himself. My other child isn’t as driven but still responsible and always comes through when he has to do something and does it with a smile (well, most of the time). They know what their responsibilities are around the house and even if I have to remind them they will do it.

A big thing I can attribute to this is teaching them morals and honesty. I want them to be themselves but know I’m always here for them. I give them trust and they continue to earn it. I’m aware that can change at any moment, but will trust them until they prove me otherwise.

I love them and let them know that love looks different in each person. I respect their privacy as long as they don’t take advantage of my respect. At times I’ve needed to talk to them about what’s important in the world. I’ve let them know that no matter what they did I would always love them. I may not like them or what they’ve done at times, but I will always love them.

They have always been first for me. As I’ve laid down house rules and responsibilities, which are subject to change, and stay consistent. When I talk to them about a consequence for their actions I always make sure I can follow through. I’ve supported them when they needed help in school, with friendships and even bullying. Good times and bad times I’ve always been there.

When I am away or working or whatever, I can trust them to be at home by themselves. They know I trust them and don’t want to lose that so they follow the rules and don’t take advantage. One of my kids even asked me if his prescription was ready and when I said yes he went to pick it up himself.

Of course they fought just like other siblings do over the years, but now they have matured and are more thoughtful of each other. They still disagree and debate, but overall they do get along. They respect each other and me. We all respect each other.

The most important thing your kids need to know is that no matter what, you love them and you are there for them, follow through with what you say and teach them good morals.

Trust Your Gut

Nobody knows you like you. That said, always trust your gut. I broke my foot 6 weeks ago. I knew it was broken the minute it happened. I stepped on a plastic bottle. It was a Boost Bottle, nice and strong. One that my foot didn’t crush, but instead broke my foot. I had a couple of errands to finish up and then I went straight to the hospital. Yup, a broken foot, the 5th Metacarpal with a nice long fracture.

My gut told me it was broken and I was right. The doctor I chose put me in a cast right away. Time to build up the muscles in the rest of my body. I went back 2 weeks later and the doctor said it got worse. Just a fraction of a millimeter. Hmmmmm. Ok. Now I’m back in another cast. Toes were out and dangling and that just didn’t seem right. I called my doctor’s office and they said it was fine and that’s the way they always put on a cast. I said ok and went on limping around.

So three weeks goes by, I called to get in and they said it got worse. I refused a cast and got a boot. I was told not to put any pressure on my foot and come back in three weeks. AHHHHHHHH! I wanted to scream so very bad. I left and found another doctor. A week later I was in another office and the doctor told me its fine. He pressed down on the broken bone and there wasn’t any pain. Even though the x-ray showed a line, he explained that it will show up like that for a while. Bones heal, but on the x-ray it looks like there’s still a line there because the bone takes a while to soften up and smooth out. I’M FREE! Well, that’s what it felt like as I walked out with my crutches in hand and both feet on the ground.

The moral of the story? Trust your gut. You know your body and yourself. I knew it couldn’t be broken and going to get a second opinion is just what my gut ordered. Remember, you hired the doctor and you are paying them. If it doesn’t feel right then you should go get another opinion.