Fall is a Beautiful Time of Year

Fall, what a beautiful time of year. Beautiful weather, nature looking picturesque and holidays for everyone to enjoy. For me, this fall has been different. My baby went off to college and I became an empty nester. Well, I do have one more at home, but he’s 20 and lives his own life. I don’t see him much.

I look at Facebook and get to see all the great things people are enjoying in life. Kids are growing up and moving on. Going to prom, graduating, and heading off to college or out on their own in the working world. At that point we as parents are also starting our new life. Couples are getting to know each other all over again. Single parents start to enjoy the next chapter of life and all the freedoms of being single without being tied down.

Empty nester has a whole new meaning for me. It’s the beginning of the next stage of my life. My husband died 19 years ago and over the last 6 years I’ve lost a large part of my family. I’ve taken time to grieve but with my youngest going off to college it really started to sink in that I’m starting a whole new life.

When Halloween came along, I sat here for the first time in years by myself. I just didn’t realize it would hit me how much my life is changing. The next day was my grandmother’s birthday. She’s been gone for 2 years now and I miss her every day.

I started reminiscing about my family and how much I miss them. I was raking leaves and remembered the time that my grandmother was here and sat in a chair putting leaves in a back. Mind you, she was blind but she really wanted to help. I smile whenever I think about it. She was sick for a few years before she died. When it was time for her to go into hospice I knew I had to try to go see her one last time. I got online and found a round trip ticket for around $100. It was to go Friday and come back Saturday or the flight went up to $400. I was supposed to go see her and I’m so I got to go and say good bye. It was hard to see her like that, but I’m so glad I did. She looked peaceful laying there with her beautiful smile.

Or my stepfather who used to come and try to find things to do around my house. So many stories there. Towards the end of his life, when he couldn’t do much, I used to junk up my junk drawer so he’d have something he could do to help me. We both loved it in our own way. He used to tape all my pens together so if I needed one I’d have to pull the tape off. It always made me laugh. The last time I saw him my kids and I were visiting him and my mother in Florida. The boys and my mother went out somewhere and I stayed home with him. He said “I’ll be in bed by 8:00, That’s my bed time.” “Of course” I said, “That’s always been the case. You go to bed and watch TV.” That night he sat with me until everyone came home. We cleaned out the bag of coffee, sugar and sweet and low together. “I think I need a cup of coffee” he said. His plan was to stay up with me until mom and the kids got home so he could prove that he could stay awake.

I didn’t know that would be the last time I’d see him, but he and I were meant to spend that time together.

The holidays are a time for family and close friends. I’m lucky to have my two boys even though they have lives of their own we got to spend quality time together.

Those of you that have large families or your spouse that you’ve spent so many wonderful years together, be thankful. Enjoy each day and each moment. It’s precious time and enjoy every minute of it.

Get Free Stuff and Save Money

I’m always looking for new ways get free stuff and save money. There’s online 01_spiral_cfl_bulb_2010-03-08_transparent_backprograms, offline programs, sales and so much more. But little did I know that I am entitled to a FREE home energy audit and free stuff to come with it. All from my electric company.

This letter came in the mail from Pepco my electric company offering a free home energy audit. I decided to give it a try. Did you know that we are already paying for this? That’s right, one of the fees we pay every month are for them to come and check out your house.
Time to make that call, and I did.

They came in and changed my low energy efficient light bulbs with more energy efficient light bulbs. They put in 2 new shower heads with water savers and better yet, when the water is warmed to the temperature you set it for the water pauses. When you are ready you pull a string and the water begins to run again. Our TV’s have all kinds of gadgets attached to them, a DVD player, video game systems and even surround sound. Get ready to save more energy by plugging in to the new power strip with all your additional equipment. When you turn the television off whatever you plug into it will also turn off.

As they were leaving I told the technicians that I was so excited and really impressed. The technician mentioned that there’s a fee in my monthly electric bill for this program. Get all you can from it. And the Best part?, I will save money monthly with the little things they did today.

Who doesn’t love Free. If you do give them a call and set up your appointment, mention my blog.