FASFA deadline is almost here

As the FASFA deadline is almost here, Know your deadlines and get them filled out and submitted. Remember, you can always estimate your financial information and send it in corrected later.

Click Here for the website to fill out the FASFA forms to help pay for your child’s education.

Here’s a post I wrote previously with tips on filing your FASFA forms for college.

FASFA Deadline is Fast Approaching

FASFA Deadline is Fast Approaching

The FAFSA deadline is fast approaching. If your kids are planning you MUST Fill out the FASFA forms, no if’s and’s or but’s.

It seems like a daunting task, but if you don’t fill it out, you won’t get anything. If you do fill it out you have a 50/50 shot. If you haven’t started, don’t wait, click here to fill out the application on the FASFA site.

It’s also important to get started early and fill everything out completely and accurately. People make mistakes all the time and those mistakes can cost you money. 11 Common FASFA Mistakes is an article to help you know what you’re looking for.

Check with your school too. Your counselor can guide you if you don’t have a specialist in the school.

First College Acceptance Letter

Getting your kids ready for college is quite the activity. I had no idea how much work getting that first college acceptance letter would be. Filling out the applications is more than putting information on paper or online. There’s the application, getting the test scores sent to the college, High school transcripts, essays and the application fees.
As the mom of two boys, I spent many hours and days trying to figure it out and wished there was an easy list to help me get to the end result, the acceptance letter. Here’s a basic list to help get you started on the college preparation journey.

  • Take SAT or ACT tests
  • Ask high school counselors what resources are available
  • Choose colleges
  • Set up college visits
  • Narrow down your choices
  • Make a list of deadlines
  • Set up an online account at each college for admissions
  • Start filling out the applications
  • Get the kids writing on the application essays
  • When complete submit the applications.
  • Make sure you’ve paid the fees and hit submit on the application
  • Have the high school send transcripts to the colleges
  • Have your SAT and ACT scores sent to the colleges
  • Ask your teachers and counselors to send recommendation letters to the colleges
  • Sit and wait for that first letter

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll be posting more information, tips and details so keep tuning in!