Trust Your Gut

Nobody knows you like you. That said, always trust your gut. I broke my foot 6 weeks ago. I knew it was broken the minute it happened. I stepped on a plastic bottle. It was a Boost Bottle, nice and strong. One that my foot didn’t crush, but instead broke my foot. I had a couple of errands to finish up and then I went straight to the hospital. Yup, a broken foot, the 5th Metacarpal with a nice long fracture.

My gut told me it was broken and I was right. The doctor I chose put me in a cast right away. Time to build up the muscles in the rest of my body. I went back 2 weeks later and the doctor said it got worse. Just a fraction of a millimeter. Hmmmmm. Ok. Now I’m back in another cast. Toes were out and dangling and that just didn’t seem right. I called my doctor’s office and they said it was fine and that’s the way they always put on a cast. I said ok and went on limping around.

So three weeks goes by, I called to get in and they said it got worse. I refused a cast and got a boot. I was told not to put any pressure on my foot and come back in three weeks. AHHHHHHHH! I wanted to scream so very bad. I left and found another doctor. A week later I was in another office and the doctor told me its fine. He pressed down on the broken bone and there wasn’t any pain. Even though the x-ray showed a line, he explained that it will show up like that for a while. Bones heal, but on the x-ray it looks like there’s still a line there because the bone takes a while to soften up and smooth out. I’M FREE! Well, that’s what it felt like as I walked out with my crutches in hand and both feet on the ground.

The moral of the story? Trust your gut. You know your body and yourself. I knew it couldn’t be broken and going to get a second opinion is just what my gut ordered. Remember, you hired the doctor and you are paying them. If it doesn’t feel right then you should go get another opinion.