Get Free Stuff and Save Money

I’m always looking for new ways get free stuff and save money. There’s online 01_spiral_cfl_bulb_2010-03-08_transparent_backprograms, offline programs, sales and so much more. But little did I know that I am entitled to a FREE home energy audit and free stuff to come with it. All from my electric company.

This letter came in the mail from Pepco my electric company offering a free home energy audit. I decided to give it a try. Did you know that we are already paying for this? That’s right, one of the fees we pay every month are for them to come and check out your house.
Time to make that call, and I did.

They came in and changed my low energy efficient light bulbs with more energy efficient light bulbs. They put in 2 new shower heads with water savers and better yet, when the water is warmed to the temperature you set it for the water pauses. When you are ready you pull a string and the water begins to run again. Our TV’s have all kinds of gadgets attached to them, a DVD player, video game systems and even surround sound. Get ready to save more energy by plugging in to the new power strip with all your additional equipment. When you turn the television off whatever you plug into it will also turn off.

As they were leaving I told the technicians that I was so excited and really impressed. The technician mentioned that there’s a fee in my monthly electric bill for this program. Get all you can from it. And the Best part?, I will save money monthly with the little things they did today.

Who doesn’t love Free. If you do give them a call and set up your appointment, mention my blog.