My Blog Challenge

In my blog challenge I am creating content every day for 30 days I continue to post. Right now I’m in the middle of 2 challenges, one from Learn to Blog. That’s the 30 day challenge. And the other is with my niece Rachael. We challenged each other to fulfill a goal. Mine was to get my blog going and hers was to draw a picture of each season. When I saw this 30 days of content challenge from Learn to Blog I knew I had to do this.

I was waiting for the this push to get my blog in gear, the open door to the next path in my life

I accepted a challenge from my niece Rachael to make my blog a reality

I wanted to get my blog on the path to success

The most important being the challenge to my niece Rachael. In live we never know what’s next, but it’s never too late to start anything. I was originally going to write a book. That’s still my intention, but life has taken many turns. It’s hard to say I haven’t done it. But the reality is I still plan on writing my book. It just isn’t happening today. Sometimes we start in one direction and a different path comes along. We need to follow our heart. Everything happens for a reason. Not everyone knows what is in store, but we need to move forward with a goal in mind and know it may change. That is ok. Change it and keep pushing forward.

This was not the post I planned on writing today, but I got a text from Rachael after I told her I was working on my blog and this 30 days of content challenge pushed me forward. When she left today we were texting and she told me she was proud of me. That made my day!

When someone tells you they are proud of you it makes you feel good. When your niece tells you, It’s over the top happiness.

Thank you for your inspiration Rachael!