I’m Having This Conversation Again

This is a busy time of year and for me the last week has been busy. It seems I’m having the same conversation again. Between cooking, cleaning and taking a few kids to North Carolina for a Cross Country meet you can just imagine how much free time I haven’t had. Aunt Shea is here and she has dementia. I talked about her dementia before. People with this disease can progress quickly. I’m living it.

Being so busy and out of touch I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog challenge. Having the same conversation over and over again is monotonous. Especially while you’re trying to catch up. I started a blog and couldn’t concentrate and thought I’ll never be able to do anything today. But I can’t do that I have to keep up. I’m already behind and need to figure this out.

My solution is to write about what I’m living right now. The same conversation over and over and over. If I haven’t answered the same question 50 times today than I haven’t answered it at all, no exaggeration either. The only solution, write what I’m doing right now. That way I can keep up my blogging and not worry about losing my concentration.

My lesson here is that where there’s a will there’s a way. You CAN do anything you put your mind too.

My Blog Challenge

In my blog challenge I am creating content every day for 30 days I continue to post. Right now I’m in the middle of 2 challenges, one from Learn to Blog. That’s the 30 day challenge. And the other is with my niece Rachael. We challenged each other to fulfill a goal. Mine was to get my blog going and hers was to draw a picture of each season. When I saw this 30 days of content challenge from Learn to Blog I knew I had to do this.

I was waiting for the this push to get my blog in gear, the open door to the next path in my life

I accepted a challenge from my niece Rachael to make my blog a reality

I wanted to get my blog on the path to success

The most important being the challenge to my niece Rachael. In live we never know what’s next, but it’s never too late to start anything. I was originally going to write a book. That’s still my intention, but life has taken many turns. It’s hard to say I haven’t done it. But the reality is I still plan on writing my book. It just isn’t happening today. Sometimes we start in one direction and a different path comes along. We need to follow our heart. Everything happens for a reason. Not everyone knows what is in store, but we need to move forward with a goal in mind and know it may change. That is ok. Change it and keep pushing forward.

This was not the post I planned on writing today, but I got a text from Rachael after I told her I was working on my blog and this 30 days of content challenge pushed me forward. When she left today we were texting and she told me she was proud of me. That made my day!

When someone tells you they are proud of you it makes you feel good. When your niece tells you, It’s over the top happiness.

Thank you for your inspiration Rachael!

Thanksgiving? People are Stressing


Thanksgiving is just 2 days away. Thanksgiving? People are stressing as they begin to cook, clean, grocery shop, setting tables and preparing for guests of different numbers. That also means for some that Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner.

I don’t know which involves more work. There is a fair amount of work for either. Some people are stressing out a lot while others love it.

Those that go shopping must scope out the Black Friday Deals and get the shopping planned out so you don’t miss out on anything. I mentioned Shopkick recently and they come up with specials too and places where you can get kicks. If you know what you want and where you want to shop, there’s nothing like looking in the paper or online at the stores you like to shop at. Get your list and check it twice.

But now I am encouraging everyone to stop for a minute and be thankful for what you have. Enjoy the spirit of the day. Do what you can in advance, but remember to take a short break here and there to keep your stress level low.

My son and I were discussing the value of a 20 minute nap. A refreshing nap even if you don’t fall asleep let’s your mind settle and clear so you can finish preparing and get ready to enjoy a stressful day with what I hope is a little less stress.

Something else I do is listen to music. Depending on how I’m feeling and what mood I’m in depends on what music I choose. If I’m stressed I put on soft soothing music. If I’m feeling productive I put on happy feel good music. (wow, I sound so cliché)

Add a cup of tea too. Pick what works for you and use it to keep your stress level down. Getting so wrapped up in the preparations can take away from the fun. On that note, good luck and Happy Thanksgiving.

What to do with Teenage Boys

As our kids grow up it gets harder and harder to find things to do with them. We don’t like the same movies, each of us likes different types of food, games, outdoor activities and the list goes on. Every weekend I think who knows what to do with teenage boys. Nobody has been able to give me an answer yet. We do take turns deciding different things, but there’s yet to find something we all like, or even 2 of us. It’s always a compromise.

As a single mom with 2 teenage boys, I am always looking for things to do with them. Most of the time it’s going out to eat. But that’s not great for the wallet or our waists. One of my kids and I signed up for a game where we have to find locations around the country/world. That was good, but it was pretty inconvenient.

The idea of a scavenger hunt is great, but we have to work on it.

I always look for things to do and on a budget. I do spend time couponing when time permits sometimes saving 25% or more. My thoughts were to get my kids to help. But they weren’t interested.

Looking at some of the different apps and programs out there, I found one that is very easy. I’ve tried a few, but most of them you have to do scan the receipt and the UPC code and then it may work. They were too much work. It’s Shipkick. Here’s the thing, you can walk into some stores and get kicks. Scan items and you get kicks. Log in, get kicks. Look at potential items in the app and get kicks. Collect kicks and trade them in for gift cards.

Shopkick app

Being the smart mom that I am, we’ve made it an adult scavenger hunt. One of my kids is doing it with me and we have fun seeing what we can get when we go to the mall, or the grocery store. It gives us something to do, earn some money in gift cards. Now we can go to the mall and mom has more time to shop and while we work on our “scavenger hunt.

Getting creative can be a win-win for everyone.