Take a Leap Back in Time

Ghosts and goblins are going to take a leap back in time this Halloween. With Daylight Savings Time, this year they have an extra hour to scare us. At the witching hour of 2:00am on clock fall back picSaturday night (Sunday morning) we turn back the clocks back one hour. You got it, it’s fall back with Daylight Savings Time.


Many of our electronic gadgets change automatically. You should consider using your phone to look at to make sure you aren’t to early for an appointment.
Fire Departments around the country suggest changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors and make sure they are working properly. A clock and fire alarmsuggestion worth acting on. So with the lost hour you can take some extra time out so you can stay safe. Lose time but take time. sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s really important to keep them in working order. Once my son and I were in the family room and we noticed an odd oder. We couldn’t place it. We finally called 911. One Fire Truck, One Ambulance and one Police car later, it turned out to be a defective wire on my gas stove. I’m grateful we weren’t sleeping. We could have died. While they were there, they checked my current smoke detectors, replaced batteries and even replaced one of the detectors that wasn’t working anymore.  They also suggested that I get an electrician to hardwire smoke detectors through out the house.

November is just 2 days away ….. Uhhhh, did I say November? Not only is summer gone and fall is leaving, we are losing an hour just as the temperatures are dropping. The sweet smell of winter and snow days. For years I’ve wondered why we change the time back. It’s because it’s so dark in the morning. Who wants there kids standing at the bus stop in the dark. True or not, that makes sense to me.

Get out your snow gear and get ready for the holidays. It’s all right around the corner. black friday saleHave you seen? some stores are closing on Thanksgiving and a select few are closing on
Black Friday. Good for them, thinking about the employees. I will miss them when I go on my traditional Black Friday shopping trip. Flyers are coming out soon for those of you that go. Stores start to leak the specials and that’s a good time to start mapping out your Black Friday shopping trip.